Our Philosophy


Not everyone needs a web site. And just because you think you need one, doesn’t mean we’ll build one for you.

Sound kind of harsh? Well, we’re just trying to be honest with you up front.

If you don’t know how to attach an image to an email, we’re not for you. If you’ve never logged into an admin panel of any sort, we’re not for you. If you think brand identity is the logo that came with the business cards you ordered from Staples, we are not for you. If you can’t won’t send large files because you’re “still on dial-up”, we are not for you (you can always find a wi-fi spot or fork over the $$ for faster internet). If blogs scare you and you’re afraid to dip into the social media waters, we are most certainly not for you.

We believe entrepreneurs, small businesses, community groups, and organizations can benefit from a strong multimedia presence. Printed material such as ads and rack cards, web sites, social media apps – these are all tools we use to market our products and services, push our agenda, make money, raise mula,  et cetera, et cetera.

So, who is our ideal client?

  • When you run into a tech problem, you Google or query a knowledge base before calling tech support.
  • You don’t want to spend thousands of your well-earned dollars on an over-promised web site package. Neither would you hand over your site design to your zit-faced cousin, the “computer whiz.”
  • You want to be able to modify your web pages on-the-fly without having to reinvent the wheel.
  • Code isn’t your thing but you’re not afraid to hack around and play with it.
  • You’d love to know how to build sites, design business cards, create rich media apps, BUT YOU JUST DON’T HAVE THE TIME.

Are we preaching to the choir?


Then check out our solutions.